Secret Hollywood Dog Tricks DVD

Secret Hollywood Dog Tricks DVD

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“The Most Advanced Dog Training Secrets Exposed!
This Revolutionary New Course Reveals How Hollywood Trains Their Dogs So Well -That They Can Act On Camera!”

Make your dog a Movie Star! Teach your dog all the skills she needs to be an acting pro – just like in your favourite Dog movies! Audition for commercials, movies or just make funny home videos… it’s all in this course!

In this course, your dog will learn fun and exciting acting skills like these...

  • Cover your nose
  • Go from mark to mark
  • Put your head down
  • Slow recall - walk slowly
  • Target touches
  • Position changes
  • Roll Over
  • Back up
  • Eye lines
  • Take a bow
  • Come and go to mark
  • And Many More!
  • Hitting marks

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